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Ambience for the Soul

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

As a professional singer, navigating through a global pandemic has had its challenges. I am well aware that we have all individually struggled throughout the last nine months, some more than others.

The idea of a musical hiatus was startling...after grieving what would have been a spectacular year of music making in magical places, such as Florence, and other scheduled performances throughout France, and the United Kingdom, I decided to welcome this forced time of stillness and surrender to the idea of ambience for the soul.

As an artist, there are many layers that make us who we are. Our past experiences, travel, our likes, and dislikes, and of course the list goes on. I have always been an individual who is interested in the aesthetics of life. How do we nourish this part of our soul on a daily basis?

For me, it is the music that enters my ear upon waking, to the fresh arrangement of flowers on my table, the art on my walls, the aroma of the candles that burn daily in my home, and the feeling I get when these small indulgences create an ambience in my soul that makes me the musician/artist that I am...the person I am.

The yearning to see, hear, smell, taste the beauty in all I encounter and my desire to bring that beauty into your home, whether it is in my recordings you stream or my new line of luxury candles, these are an extension of me.  
I feel strongly that the arts specifically are the smelling salts for the soul... they are a necessity for each and everyone of us.  It is vital for each and everyone of us to nourish our soul.

This year has taught us all to be patient, kind, and loving to all we encounter. We all needed a reboot, a reminder of what is important and a reminder that there is beauty in stillness.

As we approach the close of 2020 where some have lost so much let us not to forget to love, and seek beauty in this amazing world. God bless you and yours!

Here‘s to 2021

Christine- xoxo

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